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Linked Comments

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Linked Comments

Jira is the ideal tool for collaboration between support agents and other teams in your organization. But it has it’s shortcomings. Agents can create linked issues in other team projects to delegate work to those teams. But sometimes agents have a difficult time tracking what is going on.

Linked Comments is an Atlassian Jira Cloud app that gives agents and collaborators the full context of any issue or request. It allows users to view all comments including those from linked issues without needing to open each linked issue.

With this add-on, agents will have greater awareness of what is happening in linked issues and will be better able to quickly resolve requests faster and more efficiently.

⚠️ User permissions are respected. Users will not see comments from linked issues unless they have permissions to see those comments.

Getting Started


  1. Log into your Jira instance as a Jira Administrator.
  2. Click the Apps dropdown and choose Find new apps.
  3. The Find new apps screen loads.

  4. Search for Linked Comments for Jira Cloud and click on the app tile.
  5. The App Details screen loads.

  6. Click Get app to start installing your app.
  7. You're all set!
  8. Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.


  1. Login as a Jira Administrator and Select Admin ⚙ > Apps.
  2. Under APPS, select Linked Comments.
  3. The Linked Comments Config page allows you to select which projects the Linked Comments functionality will be available. By default, all projects are enabled. If you would like to disable the app in specific projects you can use the search box to find the project and use the toggle switch to disable the app. Alternatively you can disable all projects and then selectively enable specific projects.

Limitations and Known Issues

Linked Comments for Jira Cloud is built in Forge because we want to support Atlassian's new cloud app development platform that helps developers to build trusted and scalable apps with Atlassian-hosted compute and storage. Our team monitors the latest developments and releases from the Altassian Forge team and we will incorporate the relevant improvements and new capabilities as quickly as possible.
  1. There is currently no way to disable the app so that it does not display in selected projects or issue types. This means that even though you may have disabled the app in the Linked Comments Config page, the Linked Comments tab will appear in the activity panel for all issues in all projects. But for those where it is has been disabled, a message will appear → “Linked Comments not available for this project”.
  2. The permission model currently used by the Forge framework requires that each user of the app grants access to the app. This will be changed in an upcoming Forge release so that the administrator installing the app can grant access for all users.

How to use Linked Comments

First Use - Grant Access

As a user you need to grant access to the app. The first time you click the Linked Comments panel in the Issue Activity section, you will be presented with the following


  1. Click Allow access. On the next screen you will be presented with a list of permissions. Please review these and if you have any questions please contact us. Linked Comments only requires read access to data and does not make any updates.
  2. image
  3. Click Accept.

Linked Comments Issue Activity Panel

The Linked Comments app will be activated. If there are any issues linked to the current issue that contain comments, they will be displayed.


Comments with a shaded background are comments that have been shared with internal Jira users. Unshaded comments have been shared with customers in a JSM project.

Clicking on the issue key reference in the comment footer will open the issue in a new tab. Clicking on the “Go to comment” link in the comment footer will open the issue in a new tab and scroll the page to make the comment visible.

Filter Comments by Project and Link Type

There are two filter drop down lists - Link Type and Project. Selecting a Link Type or a Project from their respective lists will filter the list to show only comments matching the selection. After making a selection, click the search 🔍 button.

For example, select “is blocked by” link type will only show comments from issues that are linked from the current issue with the “is blocked by” link type. Similarly if you select project “Apollo” then only comments from linked issues in this project are displayed.

Privacy & Security

The app does not store any personal data.

Use Cases

Service Desk Team Collaboration

One of the primary use cases is in a multi-tier, multi-team service organization. Usually these organizations have a Level 1 Customer Facing Service Desk, and a number of Level 2 teams (and possibly Level 3 teams).

When it is not possible for agents on the Level 1 service desk to resolve a customer’s request, a secondary ticket can be created and assigned to a Level 2 team. This team may have their own processes and will want to add their own comments the secondary ticket created

The L1 agent has limited visibility into the L2 teams and their tickets. The original customer request is linked to the L2 ticket and the L1 agent can see the status of the L2 ticket.

But using Linked Comments the agent can now also see the comments added to the L2 ticket and can monitor progress more closely. This is also useful from an audit and tracking perspective since we can read the full history of the parent ticket and all its related tickets. The more context the agents have the more productive and effective they will be in communicating with their customers.

Another advantage is that the L2 agents do not need to switch to the original ticket to add comments. They know that the L1 agent can see what is going on.

The above can be generalised to any set of teams using issue links to create relationships between issues to enable them to collaborate.

Feature Roadmap

We are considering the following in our roadmap. Please let us know what features you would like to see [support link].

  1. Epic - Story Links - At the moment Linked Comments only works with actual issue links. Epic Links are a special type of link that exist between a Parent Epic and a number of child issues. We will be adding support for Linked Comments so that when viewing an Epic a user can view the comments of the child issues.
  2. Keyword Searching - Within the panel we will implement a text searching feature to find comments containing specific keywords or phrases.
  3. Time Line View - We are looking at implementing a graphical timeline view which would display a vertical timeline to make clearer the sequence of commenting events.Type '/' and add some blocks to get started.