Show Related Issues allows users to easily see a list of issues that are related to the current issue. The relationship between issues is not necessarily through issue linking. It is usually based on some common set of field values that can be expressed as JQL e.g. all the issues with the same reporter as the current issue that are in the Open state.


  • View related issues

  • Select up to 6 system fields to show

  • Specify JQL to match related issues

  • Use current issue field values in JQL

  • Create multiple related issue panels

  • Paging through issues

  • Create Issues from Panel

⚡ Show Related Issues is built in Forge because we want to support Atlassian's new cloud app development platform that helps developers to build trusted and scalable apps with Atlassian-hosted compute and storage. Our team monitors the latest developments and releases from the Altassian Forge team and we will incorporate the relevant improvements and new capabilities as quickly as possible.