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Limitations and Known Issues

Issue Reference Field Type is built in Forge because we want to support Atlassian's new cloud app development platform that helps developers to build trusted and scalable apps with Atlassian-hosted compute and storage. Our team monitors the latest developments and releases from the Altassian Forge team and we will incorporate the relevant improvements and new capabilities as quickly as possible.

At the moment, fields built using the Forge framework, including the Issue Reference Fields have the following limitations:

  1. Cannot be used on Workflow Transition screens. If they are added to a workflow screen, they will be rendered as short text fields.

  2. Cannot be used on the “Create Linked Issue” screen used in JSM projects.

  3. Only work with the new issue view. Fields of this type cannot be rendered on boards or in the Global Issue Navigator (i.e. JQL search results).

A workaround exists which involves using automation rules to update a backing field. For example, we could have a Customer Issue Reference field, and a Customer Name text field. Using Automation Rules we can update the Customer Name text field each time the Customer Issue Reference field changes. Then we can display the Customer Name field in the boards and issue navigator.

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