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How to Use the Quarters Field

First Use - Grant Access

As a user you need to grant access to the app the first time you use it i.e. when you first visit an issue where a quarter field is displayed.

Editing a Quarter Field

As a user, the quarter field created by your administrator, will look like a normal select list field.

For example, if we have a Planned Release Quarter field, it will look like this is the Jira issue view.

Clicking on the value in the field will open a dialog box where you can select a new value. In the case of the Quarter field type, you will select from the quarters that are valid for the configured range of years.

Searching Quarter Fields using JQL

You can also search using JQL. In the following examples, we have a field called Release Quarter.

  • to match the quarter name use the Quarter field property.

    • “Release Quarter.Quarter” = Q3-2022

  • to use the built in JQL date functions or date comparisons we can reference the properties StartDate and EndDate.

    • “Release Quarter.StartDate” > endOfMonth()

    • “Release Quarter.EndDate” > startOfMonth(-1)

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