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User Manual

First Use - Grant Access

As a user you need to grant access to the app. The first time you click the Linked Comments panel in the Issue Activity section, you will be presented with the following

  1. Click Allow access. On the next screen you will be presented with a list of permissions. Please review these and if you have any questions please contact us. Linked Comments only requires read access to data and does not make any updates.

  2. Click Accept.

Linked Comments Issue Activity Panel

The Linked Comments app will be activated. If there are any issues linked to the current issue that contain comments, they will be displayed.

Comments with a shaded background are comments that have been shared with internal Jira users. Unshaded comments have been shared with customers in a JSM project.

Clicking on the issue key reference in the comment footer will open the issue in a new tab. Clicking on the “Go to comment” link in the comment footer will open the issue in a new tab and scroll the page to make the comment visible.

Filter Comments by Project and Link Type

There are two filter drop down lists - Link Type and Project. Selecting a Link Type or a Project from their respective lists will filter the list to show only comments matching the selection. After making a selection, click the search 🔍 button.

For example, select “is blocked by” link type will only show comments from issues that are linked from the current issue with the “is blocked by” link type. Similarly if you select project “Apollo” then only comments from linked issues in this project are displayed.

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