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Use Cases

Service Desk Team Collaboration

One of the primary use cases is in a multi-tier, multi-team service organization. Usually these organizations have a Level 1 Customer Facing Service Desk, and a number of Level 2 teams (and possibly Level 3 teams).

When it is not possible for agents on the Level 1 service desk to resolve a customer’s request, a secondary ticket can be created and assigned to a Level 2 team. This team may have their own processes and will want to add their own comments the secondary ticket created

The L1 agent has limited visibility into the L2 teams and their tickets. The original customer request is linked to the L2 ticket and the L1 agent can see the status of the L2 ticket.

But using Linked Comments the agent can now also see the comments added to the L2 ticket and can monitor progress more closely. This is also useful from an audit and tracking perspective since we can read the full history of the parent ticket and all its related tickets. The more context the agents have the more productive and effective they will be in communicating with their customers.

Another advantage is that the L2 agents do not need to switch to the original ticket to add comments. They know that the L1 agent can see what is going on.

The above can be generalised to any set of teams using issue links to create relationships between issues to enable them to collaborate.

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