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Limitations and Known Issues

Linked Comments for Jira Cloud is built in Forge because we want to support Atlassian's new cloud app development platform that helps developers to build trusted and scalable apps with Atlassian-hosted compute and storage. Our team monitors the latest developments and releases from the Altassian Forge team and we will incorporate the relevant improvements and new capabilities as quickly as possible

  1. There is currently no way to disable the app so that it does not display in selected projects or issue types. This means that even though you may have disabled the app in the Linked Comments Config page, the Linked Comments tab will appear in the activity panel for all issues in all projects. But for those where it is has been disabled, a message will appear → “Linked Comments not available for this project”.

  2. The permission model currently used by the Forge framework requires that each user of the app grants access to the app. This will be changed in an upcoming Forge release so that the administrator installing the app can grant access for all users.

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